Recommendation Rank Instructions

February 9, 2019

All Kagami Biraki promotions (fifth dan and above) are recommendation ranks issued by the Doshu and the Hombu Dojo Executive Committee.

While the Division Head submits a recommendation, the final decision comes from Japan. Division Heads and the applicant are responsible for submitting completed applications, payment, yudansha books and Division Head’s personal letter before the October 15th deadline.

1. Division Heads must notify the clerk by email of all candidates for 5th dan and above by September 15th.
2. The student will fill out the online appllication form, it is expected that all candidates train as well as teach.
3. Payment must be included with the application. Paypal is preferred, submit the payment to: Checks or money orders should made be payable to California Aikido Association or CAA and mailed to the CAA mailing address.
4. Mail the yudansha book with seminar attendance to the CAA mailing address. Seminar attendance is required by Japan. If the book is missing, order a new one and submit a list of seminar attendance. The document replacement form is on the same page as the application.
5. The student will provide to their Division Head a one page document with “a personal record of practice since registration of previous rank and a list distinguished achievement as an instructor, contribution to administration of the organization, etc.” Contributions include attendance and participation in the semiannual meetings, volunteering to perform CAA operations and coordination and/or hosting CAA events. This document is required by Aikikai.
6. The Division Head will write a personal letter to support the applicant’s promotion using the list of contributions. The Division Head will email the letter to the processing clerk.

If the applicant is interested, they may go to Japan to receive their certificate from the Doshu at Kagami Biraki or before the end of May. Please email the clerk in order to arrange the meeting and receive instructions on the process. The certificate will otherwise be mailed to the CAA office like all other certificates.